UH-60L Black Hawk mod for DCS

The DCS UH-60L Development Team has been hard at work, and they have recently released an update for the Black Hawk, which brings quite a few fantastic new features and updates.

You can check out the changelog below and find the links to download the update at the end of this article.

In case you are unfamiliar with this mod, please keep in mind that this is not an official module and it’s still in an early stage of development, although it’s already quite interesting and impressive. You can learn more about this project in our previous article.

UH-60L mod changelog for version 1.1

Feature Changes

  • Radios refactored - FM1, UHF, VHF, FM2 radios all work in game
  • Communications must be reboud to 'PTT - Push To Talk (Game Comms)' key - Communication key will not work
  • Easy Comms mode no longer necessary
  • VRS improved
  • Flight model improved
  • FPS improved
  • Pedal trim enabled by default - option to disable to come later


  • GPS - We have to manually Enter N for North bug fixed
  • Nav flags during ILS bug fixed
  • Engine TGT too low correction fixed
  • Radar Altitude on HMD brightness doesn't adjust fixed
  • Startup without APU bug fixed
  • Cockpit flood light correction fixed
  • Main Gen's should drop offline at 85% Nr in-flight and 95% Nr on the ground correction fixed
  • SearchLight not synced in MP bug fixed
  • Starter drop out correction fixed
  • VSI Roll Command based on Heading not on Track bug fixed
  • HUD brightness switchs bug fixed
  • HUD Radar Altitude (AGL) Readout Formats correction fixed
  • Radios only work with Easy Comms enabled bug fixed
  • Aircraft too fast, too rapid acceleration bug fixed
  • HUD Bearing to Waypoint Pointer "V" behavior correction fixed
  • Aircraft trim in cruise bug fixed
  • Engine torque linked to helicopter pitch, not blade pitch correction fixed
  • Tail rotor angle wrong bug fixed
  • External sound bug bug fixed
  • VRS - too rapid onset; too gentle descent enhancement fixed
  • Roll command bar is jittery bug fixed
  • FPS on during hot start enhancement fixed
  • Clock time runs beyond 2400 bug fixed
  • Battery low caution bug fixed
  • Tail wheel switch label and operation. correction fixed
  • Turning CIS Heading mode ON disables SAS1 bug fixed
  • HUD Horizon Line Does Not Roll 0 - 359° correction fixed
  • Start without APU bug fixed
  • Stabilator Auto Control Mode should be on during startup. correction fixed
  • PDU press to test correction fixed
  • Radar altimeter low and high correction fixed
  • Stabilator Manual Slew Switch correction fixed
  • ILS Course Deviation Pointer Is Opposite Steering correction fixed
  • Tailwheel Switch Pushbutton lights correction fixed
  • HUD Barometric Altitude shows more than 20,000 ft correction fixed
  • HUD Changes to "36" when approaching "N" bug fixed
  • Torque should not change with forward or aft cyclic movements bug fixed
  • Search light correction fixed
  • artificial Horizon bug fixed
  • ETA to waypoint not working bug fixed
  • Fuel Quantity Digital Readout on CDI should display in 10 lb increments correction fixed
  • Radar Altimeter Indications correction fixed
  • upper and lower beacon light switch - function inverted bug fixed
  • Add Checklist to kneeboard documentation enhancement fixed
  • Radar Alt HI light not coming over when over Set High Alt bug fixed
  • Cabin light switch inverted bug fixed
  • HUD Radar Altitude (AGL) Analog Bar Appearance correction fixed
  • Have the course and heading knobs adjust by 1 with mouse wheel bug fixed
  • HUD Distance to Waypoint shows more than 999.9 km correction fixed
  • HUD Indicated Airspeed goes above 180kts correction fixed

You can download version 1.1 of the UH-60L mod for DCS here and don’t forget to check the updated guide as well.