Back in November we published about the (then) upcoming UH-60 Black Hawk mod for DCS and a few of you wrote to me, very eager about the project and asking for a date of release, which I didn’t have back then.

Well, I just saw this on their Discord Server: the UH-60 mod is out in Early Access.

Although not complete, the model comes with quite the impressive set of features already, as you can see in the guide (you can find the link below).

You can download the UH-60L mod for DCS here (alternative link here). And please don’t forget to check out the guide first. You will find it here.

Update: looks like these 2 links exceeded the download quota. You can find another alternative download link here.

Update 2: new link on Mega is now available. You will also need a decryption key: qbrf9llQE9rOWwkCD_342igZAGXYBYT8lQ9wElqi5yU