Preview: Allan & Burrows Island's update for X-Plane

A few weeks ago we got word that X-World Sceneries were updating their small corner of the US and bringing. Now that it's almost out we got to check it out.

Propstrike Studio Allan & Burrows Island update

Karl, from X-World Sceneries joined forces with another developer and, together, they created Propstrike Studios.  Karl has learned a lot while developing the first version and now he decided to revisit the scenery, along with his team mate, Luciano, and improve it.

There are quite a lot of changes and fixes:

  • all objects were reworked;
  • more authentic buildings added;
  • colors have been corrected to remove some purple coastal areas;
  • new cliffs to improve the coastlines;
  • lighthouse now illuminates the scenery and ground (you need to have HDR active);

If you don't know it (you can always check our review) the scenery is comprised of 2 small islands with a grass airfield and a small set of houses and a lighthouse with a helipad. It's a remote location, perfect for some peaceful time off and a great opportunity for helicopter pilots to land some air taxi jobs.

This update makes the scenery shine even more. My only 2 issues with it is the fact that one of the locations where you start places your tail rotor very close to the tents (which can cause someone to get an accidental shave early in the morning) and -- this is something me and one of my virtual brothers Bel Geode have a pet peeve about -- there's no one at the scenery. No people!

Considering the skills of the team, I would love to start having some folks populating their scenery.

Date of release of the update is yet to be determined but it should be coming out very soon at Propstrike's upcoming website. Stay tuned!

Propstrike Studio Allan & Burrows Island update Propstrike Studio Allan & Burrows Island update Propstrike Studio Allan & Burrows Island update Propstrike Studio Allan & Burrows Island update

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