VSKYLABS R44 for X-Plane 12

We haven’t seen any new helicopters coming from VSKYLABS recently, but the company has been busy updating its rotor wing catalog.

The veteran R44 got another update, and you can now get version 3. Hopefully, that means other helicopters will follow suit.


Flight model - complete update to X-Plane 12.0.8

  • Improved rotor blades simulation.
  • Improved throttle governor.
  • Improved engine power gradient to fall in line with MP limitations more accurately.
  • Landing skids physics tuneups.
  • Autorotation regime tune-ups.


  • Implemented physics-based blade-slap sounds.
  • FMOD pack converted to v2.0x


  • All-around PBR new setup to match the latest X-Plane 12 rendering engine.
  • New/additional default liveries.

If you already own the VSKYLABS R44, you should be getting an email with a link to the most recent version. If not, you can purchase it here. Heads up: VSKYLABS is having a sale, so you can get it at a discount!