VSKYLABS R66 cockpit for X-Plane

The images VSKYLABS sent us (one of them was not published on their Facebook page) shows a modern cockpit.

VSKYLABS describes it as “"fully loaded" with avionics, equipped with a custom/modified two-screen EFIS system based on the Garmin G1000 which is incorporating an advanced PFD on the main screen and an integrated, multi functional moving map (which is derived from the G1000's features) right side to the main panel.

In addition to that, an AviTab screen is set on the left side, on board the interactive PC Laptop (the project is 'AviTab-ready', however the freeware AviTab plugin is not included).

The GNS530 is set as an independent secondary navigation and flight planning system.

On the left of the panel, we can see the laptop mentioned above (closed on one of the screenshots), which can be used for AviTab.

VSKYLABS R66 cockpit for X-Plane

While this is very interesting and a fresh approach by VSKYLABS which also indicated they plan on developing a more regular “gauge panel” which will be released with a later update.