VSKYLABS R44 Cockpit

VSKYLABS just sent us some screenshots of the R44 cockpit as well as some information about the model.

According to them, the model is in advanced development stages. Flight testing began weeks ago, and the team is now working on systems. VSKYLABS says that “the project will introduce a comprehensive R44 simulation, tailored for VR usage and training.

The 'Standard' cockpit panel was modeled and developed so that it would be easily integrated into the R66 project, which VSKYLABS released some months ago. This update on the R66 has no date of release set yet.

VSKYLABS actually did something interesting here: they have developed the glass cockpit for the R66, which will now be used on the R44. The R44, on the other way, will be released with the standard (analog) panel, which will be later be incorporated on the R66 as well.

This way, both the R44 and the R66 will feature 2 sets of panels: analog and glass.

The R44 is slated for release in August/September 2020.

We also got word on the R22, which is under development for about a year. VSKYLABS is planning on releasing the smallest helicopter of the Robinson family in November 2020.

VSKYLABS R44 CockpitVSKYLABS R44 Cockpit