VSKYLABS Cabri G2 update for X-Plane already available

The company released the latest version of their trainer for Laminar Research’s sim.

The update brings the VSKYLABS Cabri G2 to version 2 and it comes with a lot of changes that you should be aware of, since a few of these are breaking changes.

If you already own the VSKYLABS Cabri G2, it should update itself automatically as you load it up the next time you use it in X-Plane. If you don’t have it yet, you can purchase it here.

Here is the full changelog, which you can also find at the official website.

  • NEW User Manual/POH folder was added to the project, containing detailed setup instructions and POH in .pdf files.
  • Systems:
    • New throttle/governor system, replacing the old "on/off governor" system. Now the throttle is controlled via the "wing sweep" axis, allowing manual throttling up/down and governor taking over accordingly. Once the governor is enabled (switched on), it will kick in around ~2000 RPM when throttling up manually.
    • Plasma warning system added.
    • BARC modes (normal/backup) enhancements:
      • High NR alarm added.
      • High NR alarm light is now blinking.
      • Backup mode green light configured.
    • Carburetor heat system:
      • Custom built automatic mode - now governing the carburetor heat valve to adjust required heating according to carburetor air temperature.
      • Four bricks are reflecting actual heating in auto mode.
      • 3-position switch (cold/auto/hot) is now replacing the previous two-position switch (cold/hot).
    • Rotor brake system tune-up.
    • Lighting system:
      • New instruments lighting system was added to allow clear night-flying capability.
      • Overhead light switch is now controlling flood and instruments lights.
    • Electrical system:
      • Circuit Breaker panel is working with most CB's (wired via custom datarefs).
    • Interaction:
      • Mixture lever: Two-position interaction (toggle mechanism) replaced the older click-and drag interaction. Mixture lever is now smoothly animated.
      • Rotor brake: New two-position interaction (toggle mechanism) with smooth animation.
      • New Dual-System high-res altimeter replaced the old switchable altimeters.
    • 3D modeling/PBR/Textures:
      • Cockpit PBR complete tune-up.
      • Gauges glass is now "cleaner".
      • Various fixes to modeling, texturing and normal maps.
    • Flight Dynamics:
      • Complete flight dynamic validation and tuneup for X-Plane 11.50+ / Experimental flight model environment.
    • Paint-Kit is now part of the project, can be found in a dedicated folder.
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