Rotorsim EC135 for X-Plane updated to V4 BETA 1

Jun 12, 2019 | by Sérgio Costa

The freeware EC135 was updated and it's now in beta stage, advancing through the different stages of development and being closer to a final release.

Rotorsim EC135 V4 Beta 1 for X-PlaneRotorsim EC135 V4 Beta 1 for X-Plane

This new version comes with a few fixes and optimizations as per the changelog (translated, using Google Translate, from German):

  • Message GEN PARAM OVER LIMIT during startup is now displayed on the FLI screen.
  • Bugfix: After reload the camera is switched off again.
  • Bugfix: Various problems with the initialization of the systems at the reload after a crash fixed.
  • Bugfix: Reload via the menu item of X-Plane works correctly again.
  • Bugfix: Problem with the calibration of Twist Grips fixed, error message installed in case of unsuccessful calibration (Pro version only).
  • Optimization of the performance parameters (more realistic final speed when flying with Max Continous Power).
  • If the engine control is switched to MANUAL, although no Twist Grips are installed, a separate caution will be provided for 10 seconds.
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