RotorSim EC-135 for X-Plane

If you are a fan of the freeware EC-135 for X-Plane (I really don’t know a lot of people that don’t like this amazing helicopter), you’ll probably like to know there’s a new update.

The changelog, which you can see below, shows the team has been doing some bug hunting but they have also improved or added a few features.

New Features and improvements

  • Improvement in search and landing light control: Spectrolab can be preselected as user preference. Optional advisory shows the user which headlight is selected for control. 
  • X-Plane's standard command sim/lights/spot_light_center is supported to re-center search and landing light or spectrolab, whichever is selected. 
  • X-Plane's standard command sim/autopilot/servos_toggle can additionally be used to switch on and off the autopilot. 
  • Fine tuning for the power calculation in order to achieve a more realistic top speed at MCP.

Bug fixes

  • Experimental workaround to resolve the engine control issues caused by XPUIPC.
  • Experimental workaround for problems with reading of some joysticks (Z000000050).
  • Texture issue at GPS solved. 
  • Power supply for left GPS changed from Essential Bus I to Avionics Shedding Bus I. 

RotorSim also adds that “for the experimental workarounds, we hope for user feedback on success or failure, as we cannot reproduce the problems ourselves.”

Download the latest version here. Don’t forget there are 3 versions to download: EMS, passenger/utility and VIP.

RotorSim EC-135 for X-Plane