Polychop Simulations SA-342 Gazelle for DCS

Update: we have confirmed with Polychop that is a free update.

Polychop has released information on the update of the SA-342 Gazelle for DCS and the team is promising to continue to do so in the upcoming days.

They have started with a Facebook post where they posted the (huge) changelog, Polychop is also mentioning the fact that they are combining the several versions in existence. With the future update, “the SA-342 Mistral has become redundant and is now only available as an AI aircraft to ensure mission compatibility.” The company continues saying that the “SA-342 Gazelle has essentially been absorbed by the SA-342L which, in its now much more modular form, is able to be outfitted with the mistral ATAM system”. All of this is very much relevant to mission creators and Polychop is making them aware and asking them to update their multiplayer missions accordingly.

Here is the changelog, for your convenience:

SA342 - Common to all

  • Updated external textures to PBR standard
  • Added raindrops on canopy
  • Interior lighting and reflections updated
  • Flight model
    • Entirely rewritten FM
    • Overhauled engine and rotor behaviours
    • Updated mass and payload mass parameters
    • Many new behaviours added or reworked (ground effect, flapback/blowback, retreating blade stall, density altitude, ETL…)
    • Engine surge effect from rapid collective movement added
  • Force Feedback support added
  • Removed ‘Easier Controls’ special option
  • Removed ‘Rudder Trimmer’ special option (replaced with new trim options)
  • New trim options for cyclic and pedal behaviour when using ‘Force Trim Interrupt’
    • None - has no effect
    • Instant - trim position instantly set to current cyclic/pedal position
    • Fade In/Fade Out - trim position will move to current cyclic/pedal position over short time period (<1sec) (also applies to ‘Trimmer Reset’)
    • Applied upon Recentering - trim position will apply instantly only when cyclic/pedal position is recentered
  • Updated controls indicator
    • Red marker shows control position
    • Grey marker shows trim position
    • Autopilot markers removed for further consideration
  • Updated/added network animations
  • Implemented IFF panel (limited functionality)
  • Updated autopilot system
    • Airspeed/Altitude hold mode removed for further consideration
    • “Auto-collective” removed for further consideration
    • Added light indicators for auto-hover (CSV) and heading-align (ALV) autopilot modes
    • Autopilot master switch will not engage/will disengage if pitch, roll or yaw SAS disabled
  • Added smoke display system
    • Smoke launchers can be equipped in the rearm/refuel screen
    • Smoke launchers have a new input to toggle on/off
  • Collective can be hidden by clicking on base of collective
  • Added tablet navigation aid
    • Tablet can be disabled from mission editor
    • Tablet provides map, heading, airspeed and groundspeed GPS information
    • Tablet is disabled / invisible in missions where the date is set to April 1994 or earlier
  • Updated slip ball to be less erratic
  • Fuel warning light now flickers if below 80L


  • Added new weapons:
    • 2x/4x Mistral
    • 2x/4x HOT3
    • HMP400 gunpods (100, 200, 400)
    • Selectable GIAT M621 20mm
  • Replaced Viviane screen with periscope sight
    • Replaced Viviane control panel with periscope control board
    • Periscope provides two zoom levels
    • Toggleable gyro stabilization
    • Selectable reticles for estimating distance
    • Connected to ‘VIS’ mode on Artificial Horizon same as Viviane
  • Pilot sight can be hidden by clicking on mounting of pilot sight
  • AI controled aircraft now able to fire HOT3 missiles
  • Added ground crew option to remove doors
  • Added option to shoot multiple pylons if the weapon is from the same type


  • Viviane camera code overhauled
  • Viviane multicrew synchronisation improved
  • AI controled aircraft now able to fire HOT3 missiles

SA342 Mistral

  • Removed playable version (now replaced by SA342L)
  • Removed Custom Cockpit options

SA342 Minigun

  • Added special option to decouple minigun from head/camera view
  • Added inputs for keyboard/joystick control of minigun
  • Added inputs for mouse control of minigun
  • Added clickables and inputs for minigun safety, sight power/brightness and IR laser