Helix Collective Ka-32 for X-Plane

The lack of coaxials for XP11 is bugging me.

This was how it started on the Helicopter Flight Simulation Facebook group. When he made that post, Sebastian Darrell had no idea what would come out of it.

The Helix Collective is now a reality and the coaxial chosen by the team, the Kamov Ka-32 is well underway, with the external model very close to completion. The Ka-27 is also planned but development of this variant will only start once the Ka-32 is released and stable.

The project will be made available as freeware and it will be the fruit of the work of 7 members of the community, some of them very well-known and real experts in their areas of development.

Helix Collective Ka-32 for X-PlaneHelix Collective Ka-32 for X-Plane

There is no date of release nor any features list as of yet. The team is working on this project on their spare time so expect it to take a while.

For now, the team – which shall soon be presented, once the official website goes live – decided to publish some images of the model, made by Sebastian.

You can keep yourself up-to-date on the project on the team’s Facebook Page.