WW Oil Rigs - Gulf of Mexico for X-Plane

Helicopter flight simmers love their oil rigs and we know where there are a lot out there for us to have fun at. One of the largest oil rigs setups is located in the Gulf of Mexico, but Laminar Research hasn’t added them to the sim.

After a short exchange of ideas at our Facebook Group, our own Bradley Bristow-Stagg decided to get his hands dirty and solve that.

In a lightning fast creative spike of scenery development, he created a script that translated the location of the oil rigs in the Gulf of Mexico into something X-Plane could read and position oil rigs.

Don’t expect the oil rigs to look like the real ones but, at least, we now have a vast extension of these challenging places to fly to and from.

Bradley released 2 versions of his scenery. One which uses the default objects and a second one that uses the Handy Objects Library, which adds a few more different objects.

This scenery was released today, for free. Check below for the link to download.

Thanks, Bradley!