Frank Dainese's Monument Valley for X-Plane was released

Frank Dainese and Fabio Bellini, the team behind some of the most amazing landscapes on X-Plane, have released their latest work: Monument Valley.

Frank Dainese Navajo Tribal Park for X-Plane

This area on the South part of Utah, despite being in the middle of the desert, is quite interesting for its majestic landscape and it's a touristic region with a high potential for air taxis and sightseeing.

The scenery revolves around the reconstruction of the area, using 3D models of the mountains, with the help of using DEM (Digital Elevation Model) data. The models were then textured with photographic images.

As per the manual, here's the list of features:

  • 21 3D model mountains with 4k textures
  • No orthophoto , but polygons / textures that reconstruct the terrain
  • Reconstruction of 3D buildings in the area, View Hotel, Welcome Center, airport hotels and Goulding's Lodge
  • Reproduced the typical desert vegetation
  • Various tourist areas and small farms

The scenery is a bit more than just that, though. It comes with a private airport (Monument Valley Airport - UT25) and 4 helipads (HELMV, at the airport, HELNJ near the hotel, HELNO and HELJF). Yes, folks, helicopter pilots are getting some love.

Where to get Monument Valley for X-Plane

You can buy it at ORBX.

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