As you may remember, we have been supporting Flight Simulation Association from the start. We have been involved in some of their events and, for quite some time, we have been working with the Association to bring a quick guide for those interested in flying helicopters.

This guide is available, for free, to everyone and it’s a nice complement to our own How to Fly Helicopters section. And what a beautiful job FSA has done in laying it all out! I love the format.

You will find several sections, which will guide you through everything from how I started flying helicopters, how little I knew, how to select a sim, all the way to make your first flights, and other useful resources.

Hopefully, this guide will help some simmers out there and make the path into helicopters and helicopter flight simulation easier and smoother!

Check out our quick guide for flying helicopters at Flight Simulation Association.

Oh, and we have something else coming as well! To commemorate the launch of this guide, we will have a live event going on at Flight Simulation Association’s YouTube channel but also on our own channel!

I will be talking about my own experience with helicopters and will be covering some basics as well as doing a small demonstration. At the end, I will be answering your questions and trying to help you walk a smoother path into helicopter flight simulation!

I hope to see you all there!