DreamFoil Creations released S300CBi for X-Plane 12

And she is packed! DreamFoil Creations has always gone above and beyond and this release does not seem to disappoint.

This version of the S300 is the most loaded, customizable one DreamFoil ever released. Just look at the cockpit options, for example!

DreamFoil Creations released S300CBi for X-Plane 12DreamFoil Creations released S300CBi for X-Plane 12DreamFoil Creations released S300CBi for X-Plane 12

DreamFoil Creations released S300CBi for X-Plane 12DreamFoil Creations released S300CBi for X-Plane 12

And VR-ready too? Oh boy! And look! A purple livery! Good old BelGeode may be a bit happy about this one.

DreamFoil Creations released S300CBi for X-Plane 12

Check out the official features below and go grab it at the .org store. It’s a DreamFoil Creations helicopter, folks.

Oh and if you already own the S300Cbi for X-Plane 11 you are in luck as you are entitled to a discount!

Official features

VR Ready

  • Comes with fully interactive manipulators compatible with VR
  • SmartMenu also compatible with VR

Detailed Model

  • New 4k PBR textures
  • Highly detailed interior and exterior model
  • Custom commands for all switches
  • GTX327 transponder simulation
  • Artificial horizon and Garmin 430 as fittable equipment
  • Functional custom warning lights with integrated test buttons
  • Fully articulated 3D rotor and blade flex
  • Blade tie system
  • 3D propeller for tail rotor
  • Custom animations for panel switches/keys/handles/gauges
  • Animated transmission belt with clutch stretch system
  • Enhanced night lighting with spill lights
  • Custom Beacon/Strobe lights
  • 3 Interchangeable Exhausts
  • Removable copilot cyclic and pedals
  • Realistic 3D Yaw string
  • Removable Doors
  • Main rotor covers can be activated by clicking on blade tips or hub
  • Windshield cover
  • Weather and dust particle effects for the main rotor

Realistic flight model

  • Built around XP12 flight model with accurate and authentic flight model
  • Accurate autorotation parameters
  • STAR/AES system simulated
    • Start-up overspeed limiter
    • Automatic Rotor Engagement
    • Low-Rotor RPM Warning
  • Functional circuit breakers
  • Pilot / Passenger weight affect CG
  • Correlator simulation
  • Governor kit available
  • Flexible skids
  • Rotor hold/drag allow to change rotor position with engine off
  • Cyclic with functional lateral and longitudinal frictions
  • Collective functional friction
  • 2 Hobbs Meter with per livery persistent data (engine / flight)
  • Realistic startup with custom vibrations

External objects and tools

  • Hook for sling load operations
  • Functional floats
  • Transport wheels, can be used with engine off to move helicopter on the
  • ground
  • Removable Auxiliary Tank
  • New Li-lon start stick GPU (Ground Power Unit)
  • CropDuster version with customizable weight and flow rate


  • New SmartLivery compatible with X-Plane default icons
  • Improved font rendering with TTF support
  • Stability options
  • Windshield opacity control
  • Customize your equipments
  • Report (per livery) with your flight time and recorded G limits
  • Easy access to X-Plane volume
  • Easy access to aircraft weights
  • Correlator with 3 different presets and customization
  • Quick views menu
  • other

FMOD sounds

  • Authentic HO-360 engine sound
  • Blade slap
  • Volumetric cockpit
  • 3D positional sounds
  • Headphone simulation
  • Sound interaction with doors
  • Enhanced cabin weather sounds