DreamFoil AS 350B3+ SP2.2 for X-Plane to be released this weekend

DreamFoil Creations is finishing the AS 350B3+ SP2.2 for X-Plane which is going to be released the next weekend. Check out all the goodies in this release.

Dreamfoil AS 350B3+ SP2 to be released this weekend

Please note: Dreamfoil informed us that the release was delayed due to some work needed. Also, now that XP 11 was announced, they are holding it until they are sure everything works on the new version. This information was updated on November 11th, 2016-

This update comes with a lot of improvements and new cool features. Some of the features, such as the rotor blades ties and skid wheels, are taken directly from DreamFoil Creations' newest helicopter: the S-300CBi.

Here's the full list for this release. Please note that this Service Pack contains all the features also released in SP1 (which was only sent to a few beta testers).

Service Pack 2.2

      • Fixed ICAO typo now its correctly set to AS50
      • Changed the way that AS350 and DreamEngine check for sim pause
      • Added DreamEngine volumetric cockpit
      • Implemented new GTX327 with more realistic behavior
      • Decreased fuselage drag to reach slightly higher speeds
      • Improved rotor management, this fixes the forever spinning rotor or windmill effect with wind
      • Improved horizontal stabilizer in a way that it does not require huge amount of fwd cyclic during cruise
      • Added 3D propeller for tail rotor
      • Changed rotor datarefs for more efficient angle calculations
      • Tail rotor spin clickspot is now hidden when rotorbrake is engaged
      • Rotor brake latch work as real one now
      • Main rotor animations and rigging code have been reworked
      • FADEC improved to give better governor
      • Blade tie system implemented
      • Added ground wheels for moving helicopter at ground
      • Fixed an small issue a vertex on top of windshield causing a shadow
      • X-Plane camera is not overriden anymore if not fitted with FLIR

Service Pack 2.1

      • Fixed copilot leg through the console
      • Fixed texture assignment on SmartMenu startup causing X-Plane startup screen to get corrupted
      • Added 2D popup for Garmin 430 screen
      • Fixed residual weight being kept after changing equipments
      • Fixed patient/copilot weight not being released with non medical version or vice-versa
      • Reduced yaw inertia by 25%, this can be increased by stability slider
      • Fixed inertia relationship with stability sliders they were reversed
      • Improved governor overspeed protection authority
      • Adjusted 0% torque value, so with no collective it will read 0% torque instead of 8-10%
      • Add rigid cruise to stability options
      • Fixed non working cargo hook loadmeter
      • Added strobe lights to horizontal stabilizer
      • Rotor brake now have more effect when rotor is very slow
      • New Commands

        • Taxi and landing light default commands

      • SmartMenu

        • Added version information to SmartMenu and reorganized it
        • Added stability to SmartMenu
        • Added ability to spin tail rotor, useful to change rotor position when shutdown

      • Sounds

        • Improved blade slap loudness
        • New sound for blade slow moving
        • Adjusted blade slap 3D effect position
        • Blade slap slider on volume window
        • Main rotor sound with high blade pitch is now more pronounced / less soft

Service Pack 2

      • Improved flight/hover behavior
      • New Garmin 430 is now available
      • Added manipulators for Garmin 430 that were missing
      • Fixed ICAO code
      • Improved camera position/center
      • Rotor-brake now uses intensity ability from latest X-Plane update
      • SmartLivery corrupted font fix
      • Removed skid stepper from old version
      • Tail rotor neutral pitch and animation fixed
      • Removed translucency from VEMD glass which was causing it to keep bright when off at night
      • Improved rotor angle calculations
      • Deprecated arcade mode
      • New controls code to allow stability settings
      • Mouse support for cyclic is back
      • Fuel is now saved per livery
      • Fixed missing shadows for baskets on interior view
      • Fixed plugin load to avoid problems on scenery borders or multiplayer aircraft load
      • Removable co-pilot cyclic
      • Added button to flash landing/taxi lights
      • Added small effect to turbine interior to simulate combustion
      • Fixed GPS turning on without battery/gen
      • Fixed glass instruments being only visible on interior view
      • Corrected small glitch causing FLIR display to being light with power off
      • Custom spill lights for panel for better night lighting
      • VEMD and instrument lights work based on bus voltage, dead battery will not light screens anymore
      • NG performance slightly improved at high altitude
      • Start now only occurs when battery voltage is higher than 19V
      • Fixed issue with blades transparency on clouds, now it works properly and contain shadows
      • Fixed missing search light on equipment menu
      • Increased lateral winch angle when open so the line don't go straight down on the skid
      • Ball Indicator uses X-Plane slip indicator as reference
      • Fixed copilot seatbelt being visible on medical version when moving camera
      • Lateral winch and left basket equipment can't be combined, so the line does not go inside the basket
      • Snow Pads are now set apart from baskets
      • Gov will light during VEMD initialization
      • Main Rotor improve so it will not keep spinning forever after shutdown
      • Added FOV to SmartMenu
      • Better handling of commands, it will search if command exist before creating again, this might fix the problem of assignments changing on reload
      • New Commands

        • Horizon cage
        • Toggle for Headphone
        • Toggle for RotorBrake
        • Toggle for cyclic friction
        • Toggle for collective safety lock
        • Lateral winch up/down

      • SmartMenu

        • Clickable spots for door interaction (open/close)
        • Nose menu to interact with equipment/customize menu
        • Fuel pie menu to easily refuel the helicopter by clicking on fuel inlet
        • Equipment and View menu keep visible after selecting items

      • Sounds

        • DreamEngine volume sliders for independent sounds adjustment
        • Improved starter sound
        • New sound for main rotor
        • Exterior sounds better balanced on interior
        • Removed wind noise from transmission whine

Service Pack 1

    • Fixed memory leak on DreamEngine, used to cause crash after few reloads.
    • Fixed issue with livery load for null paths, was causing CTD randomly at reload or aircraft change.
    • Improved DreamEngine camera transitions
    • Added RMI on ADF
    • ALT mode fixed on transponder
    • Improved Autorotations
    • Fixed incorrect pitch for tail rotor animation
    • Fixed GPS NAV1/VLOC frequency range
    • Fixed issue with reverse for axis on the joystick
    • Copilot and Patient now automatically add weight to CREW
    • Fixed 1 Blade out of tracking at low rpm caused by wrong plugin calculations
    • Fixed Trim that caused rotor disc to tilt right
    • Improved cockpit vibrations
    • Replaced the joystick functions, works better and without jittery
    • Mouse work as control again
    • Improved cyclic 3d model (its now twisted as real one)
    • Fixed HSI Flags
    • Fixed LIT problem on OAT gauge
    • Improved Radar ALT night texture
    • Improved Governor Performance
    • Copilot disappear when you´re with view on his position
    • Added Yaw String

According to DreamFoil, the AS 350B3+ SP2.2 shall be released this weekend.

Screenshots for the AS 350B3+ SP2

DreamFoil Creation AS 350B3+ SP2 cockpit DreamFoil Creation AS 350B3+ SP2 - Garmin 430 DreamFoil Creation AS 350B3+ SP2 - radio




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