DCS Huey to finally(?) have multicrew on the Open Beta branch

With the next update, we should be able to share a Huey with our friends and fill not just 2 but 4 stations.

Pilot, co-pilot, left gunner and right gunner. Those are the slots that, according to the latest changelog, we will soon have in DCS to share with 3 other friends in the UH-1H Huey.

Eagle Dynamics had already mentioned multicrew, which should have been made available back in May but it seems some technical issues may have been found.

In fact, there are still issues in this new feature, as Eagle Dynamics describes them:

Known Issues during playing with multi-crew:

  • Possible desynchronization of the state (visualization) of the helicopter in case of damage and when requesting ground power before engine start.
  • When leaving the crewstation of the left (right) gunner into the spectators and back, the gunner's body-model may disappear.
  • There may be problems in the cockpit with controls that have axis settings commands (knobs for adjusting the volume, setting the altitude, etc.), if the controls is intended for another crewstation.
  • There is no visualization of the cargo mark on the cargo indicator (cargo position display).

Eagle Dynamics DCS Changelog for 2020-12-17

Also according to the changelog, these changes should be out today. Keep your eyes peeled to do some updating!

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