On the official forums the company has published a post about what’s coming next for DCS. Among other things, we find the following:

Current projects in active development phase:

DCS Core:

  • [ Near Term ] 2.5.6 preparation for the stable release (FPS improvement)
  • [ Near Term ] Damage Modeling for WWII Aircraft
  • [ Long Term ] Weapon improvement (missile dynamics, new AI units), final AIM-120B dynamics to be released very soon AIM-120C to follow
  • [ Mid to Long Term ] Voice Chat
  • [ Long Term ] Dynamic Campaign
  • [ Long Term ] Enhanced Aircraft Artificial Intelligence

DCS Graphic Engine:

  • [ Near Term ] Special effects update
  • [ Long Term ] Multi-threading
  • [ Long Term ] Vulkan API integration
  • [ Long Term ] New FLIR engine


  • [ April 2020 ] WWII Asset Pack update
  • [ April-May 2020 ] Supercarrier EA
  • [ May 2020 ] Huey Multi-crew
  • [ Q2 2020 ] P-47D Thunderbolt EA
  • [ Q2-3 2020 ] The Channel EA
  • [ Mid Term ] Mariana Islands
  • [ Dec 2020 ] F/A-18C Hornet out of EA
  • [ Mid to Long Term ] F-16C Viper
  • [ Mid Term ] Modern Air Combat
  • [ Mid Term ] A-10C Warthog II
  • [ Mid Term ] Mi-24P Hind

Near Term - we have the final list of tasks to be done before we share it in DCS World and expect delivery in less than 6 months.

Mid Term - we have a firm list of tasks and we trust that it might be delivered in less than 9 months.

Long Term - we have an initial list of tasks but still a lot to add and do not have exact expectations. Some Long term tasks can be delivered partially in iterations, some need to be fully completed.

In bold, you’ll notice that Eagle Dynamics is predicting to release multicrew for the Huey next month (in May), which is rather exciting.

The development team has been working on the feature for some time and, without any pressure, it seems they managed to finally get rid of all the issues they had found in the past.

May is not arriving soon enough!

Thanks to our friend, Bel Geode for the heads up!