The very first item in the changelog is the addition of a SAS (Stability Augmentation System). Wondering what the SAS does?

Here’s the description, which you can find in the changelogs as well: the SAS is an attitude-based flight control system that can be used to make flying the helicopter much easier. The SAS flight control computer controls servos for each pitch and roll axes. The system is custom modeled and coded to be as realistic as possible.

Cowan Simulation 206 SASCowan Simulation 206 SAS

So, in a nutshell, it reduces the workload of the pilot and helps control your helicopter, which can be a very welcome feature, especially on longer flights.

You can find the full changelog for the Cowan Simulation 206 JetRanger here and the one for the 206 LongRanger here.

The JetRanger also got its flight model improved, a ton more liveries and a sling hook kit, as well as other goodies.

Go check the changelogs out before Joshua releases YET another update and you’ll have to read it all over again! The man never stops!