Cowan Simulation 500E v1.10

In case you are unaware of the way Cowan Simulation works, you should know that this one-man-show (which is in fact, Mr. Joshua Cowan, one of the quick rising stars in the X-Plane helicopter development) never gives up.

Once a product is released, it is never quite ready. Not in the sense that it’s unfinished, but rather always has room to grow and improve.

That happened with the 222, and it’s now happening with the 500E as well.

Joshua just released an update for his 500E which comes with quite a few amazing new features and improvements.

First of all, we are getting 50 liveries! That’s right: FIFTY. Not only that, we are also getting a new paintkit. Version 1.10 also comes with a few fixes but we are also getting new and cool stuff:

  • Pilots and passengers
  • Cargo pod
  • Skid mirror
  • Remove duel controls
  • Standard Panel
  • Wire cutters
  • Utility floats

The changes are just way too much to list them all here so I would recommend you visit the official changelog.

Oh and if you haven’t already: go get this amazing helicopter. You owe it to yourself!

Cowan Simulation 500E v1.10 Cowan Simulation 500E v1.10 Cowan Simulation 500E v1.10