BrettS' Hughes 500D Realism Enhancement Mod released

This mod vastly improves systems, textures and sounds on the freeware Hughes 500D that has been enhanced by the community.

Joe Kipfer, the man behind some of the VR compatibility mods such as the one for X-Trident’s Bell 412 has released this easy to install modification to one of the coolest freeware helicopters.

The list of features is long and very impressive and gives the Hughes 500 a new life while brings the realism level a notch or two higher as well:

  • Throttle handle added, textures applied, collar (idle stop) functionality added, idle detent made, sounds added
  • Fuel gauge re-textured, non-linear behaviour, fuel light on at 40lbs.  Falls to zero on batt off
  • Oil temp gauge re-textured, custom behavior.  Falls to zero on batt off.  Ambient temperature until light off
  • Amp gauge re-textured
  • Oil pressure gauge re-worked.  Oil pressure behavior is low pressure until lightoff, then custom viscosity/oil temp behavior
  • Engine idles a bit higher at flight idle
  • TOT has custom behavior on shut down, temp slowly rises after shutdown and slowly falls, requires motoring engine
  • Motoring has been customized
  • N2 follows N1 custom flight idle position
  • Auto relight system customized, new sounds added.
  • Ignition key behavior added
  • Gyro sound added
  • Switch sounds added
  • Custom governor switch sound
  • Alert sound added on warning system test
  • Light thud sound added at throttle stops
  • Engine failure system created (chip then eventual engine failure) 
  • Hot Start failure system created
  • Generator warning horn if generator switch on and engine out
  • Custom engine out light behavior and transmission out light behavior
  • Door sounds created
  • Pilot Hide feature added (click spot just under the compass)
  • VR compatibility brought up to 100%
  • Cockpit click spots cleaned up
  • VR X-Pad positioned properly
  • VR teleport hotspots added
  • Oil Temperature behaves realistically
  • Oil viscosity modeled
  • Rotor Brake modeled
  • Custom fuel pump (start pump) sound

Download this mod below.

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