BFDG updates their UH-60 for X-Plane

Version 2.5 is out, with some bugs ironed out, some improvements and new liveries.

The UH-60 has always been one of those helicopters that I wish had some more love from the developer. It’s a helicopter I’ve always loved but the BFDG version, although “not bad”, is not exactly stellar.

The model seemed to be abandoned for some time, but the team just hit us with a surprise. A new version is out.

The changelog is not very big but is enough to put a smile on some community members’ faces as it solves some issues and it brings a bunch of new liveries.

Here’s the list of changes:

  • Compatibility update for v11.41+ including the UH60 v2 Service Pack 1 content
  • New day/night cockpit textures (old texture files also included)
  • New interior lights (cockpits and instruments)
  • Right Cockpit door window transparency issue solved
  • Cold-and-dark startup issue solved
  • 13 new liveries including the Chinese Airforce (2), US Customs, Desert Storm, Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, Fuerza Aerea de Chile, Israeli Airforce, Japan Defense Forces (2), L.A. County Fire, Policia Nacional (Colombia), Taiwan ROC, and one new civilian livery.

Unfortunately, the flight model hasn’t been updated. The UH-60 still has issues with the ground handling and the 3D model could still use an update. What I would personally love to see? A version 3 bringing this model to the high quality we are used to with other developers.

One can always hope.

Get the BFDG UH-60 for X-Plane here.

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Sérgio Costa

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