Pro Flight Trainer has sent a unit for Michael and Austin to take a look at. The kit is the most complete one with toe-brakes and dual throttles (making it the X2).

Austin goes through the several controls in a helicopter (and puts Michael through a helicopter quiz which is quite nice to watch) and then shows the S-76 and the floats-equipped R22.

Through its flights, Austin shows us shorelines, 3D trees, and waves. He gets himself in a bit of trouble with the R22 as it struggles against 2.5 feet waves. Scary!

You can watch him also go through the calibration process. Just keep in mind that, as he centers the controls to end the calibration process, he doesn’t mention that you don't need to center the collective, the throttles, and the toe brakes. You will just need to do it for the cyclic and pedals.

On another side note, Austin got the throttle working in the opposite direction that it should. Keep that in mind if you're setting things up.

You can watch the video here on the page (at the beginning of this article) or on YouTube.