VSKYLABS Tensor 600X for X-Plane

This update gets the Tensor 600X up to version 3.1 and its main update feature seems to be the “optional 3-d HUD display which is designed for precision/training purposes.”

This is an optional HUD, which is “optimized for VR (and 2-d mode as well), providing useful flight-data and accurate velocity-vector references”.

VSKYLABS Tensor 600X for X-Plane

VSKYLABS hopes this will allow beginners to familiarize themselves with how the Tensor flies, while also adding some advantages for the more advanced virtual pilots.

The new HUD was added as a “3-d overlay visualization aid which is very useful for training both in VR and in 2-d (on-screen) environments” and it provides the following information to the pilot:

  • Airspeed (knots and Km/h).
  • Altitude (Baro + Radio alt).
  • Angle of attack.
  • G force indication.
  • Barometric pressure.
  • Velocity vector cue.
  • Vertical speed reference.
  • Time of day.
  • Roll indication.
  • Artificial horizon.

If you already own the VSKYLABS Tensor 600X, it should update automatically through the auto-updater once you load the aircraft in X-Plane.

If you don’t have it here, you can purchase it at the VSKYLABS website.