UH-60 mod for DCS

The team keeps on improving the mod (it’s not an official module, in case you missed it on the previous articles) and the new changelog is, again quite extensive:

Feature Changes

  • Air source requirement added to engine start procedure
  • Flight model updated -more accurate torque/transmission behaviour (ETL, mass, etc.)
  • Flight Path Stabilization & Trim System improved
  • Flare countermeasures added
  • Configurable intenal cargo added
  • Cockpit model updated for scale
  • Many many many wonderful keybinds


  • Wheelbrakes fixed
  • Autostart enhancement added
  • Damage to ground fire fixed
  • Rename wheel lock binds correction
  • Toggle Keybinds for CISP/MODE buttons enhancement
  • Inclinometer movement bug fixed
  • Removable seats added
  • uh-60 hover issue with "Solo Flight" Checked in ME bug fixed
  • Chaff and Flare Dispensers correction fixed
  • No starter/engine noise when starting #1 engine fixed
  • Add HDG bug, COURSE bug, radio preset inc / decrease key bindings
  • Add more instant Action Missions enhancement
  • Heat/Start Air Source switch seems to be inop
  • Add rudder binds for keyboard and controller
  • Add pitch/roll binds for keyboard and controller
  • 10' ft Hover TQ required does not change with weight increase/decrease
  • VSI/HSI Flags showing incorrectly
  • APU ON advisory illuminates early
  • Collective position
  • Pedal authority is too strong
  • ICS/XMIT Next and Previous keybinds dont work
  • Nr (Rotor Speed) not Driven by Np(Engine Speed)
  • Multiplayer Disconnect issues
  • Master caution does not appear with caution advisory panel cautions
  • [Feature request] Separate key bindings for extending and retracting the fuel probe enhancement
  • Have Num+/Num -be default for collective inc/dec enhancement
  • Anticollision, Position, NAV, Cabin Light keybinds missing enhancement
  • Add more Fuel probe AAR keybinds enhancement
  • NG at idle correction

You can download the version 1.2 of the UH-60 mod for DCS here.