Polychop's Gazelle for DCS coming out of beta

Earlier today, Polychop announced their Gazelle is finally coming out of beta with the new update. And it comes with extra hardware.

DCS Polychop Simulations Gazelle for DCS update

At the official forum thread, you will find the changelog with everything that's coming new, fixed or changed. The biggest news? The minigun version is finally coming!

For 2.5.0 and coming 2.5.1

- Added SA342Minigun module

- Added SA342Minigun addendum.txt file in module Doc folder

- Corrected PBR textures, no more "roughmet" textures are used, according to particular light conditions some issues may still show

- Multicrew mode, Nadir use has been moved to copilot, pilot is no more able to use the Nadir if a copilot is aboard.

- Corrected Rockets range and effect

- Corrected Mistral missile, now it's all aspects and 7km range

- Corrected HOT3 effect regarding unarmoured vehicles (infantry, trucks ...)

- Added Copilot Intercom functionality

- Corrected Cockpit glasses

- Reworked Gyro and AP logic

- In order to prevent conflicts between the main joystick and a possible second joystick when targeting with the camera, a new option has been added in Options/Special/SA342 named "SECOND JOYSTICK FOR CAMERA", it has to be unchecked if you don't use a second joystick for the Camera (Viviane or else) and it has to be checked if you use a second joystick.

- Due to latency issues, ability for the copilot to pilot the helicopter in multicrew mode has been removed.

- Added missing keyboard or joystick assignments in controls, Warning, Due to new input additions, it could be needed to re-assign some inputs.

- Restored behavior at ground, the helicopter will begin to roll or pitch around 45% torque

- Corrected controls position for FFB or non-FFB sticks, including diamond, 3d stick in cockpit view, 3d stick in external view

- Corrected ADF guage CAP flag

- Cockpit lights have been fixed including writings flickering, issues may persist under specific light conditions

- Replaced "Improve your skill" mission 2.5.0 version

- Corrected sun glasses

- A new document has been added to the module doc folder, named "Gazelle Multicrew 24-04-2018.txt" talking about multicrew limitations.

- Damages due to negative g has been added

- FM has been refined in some areas

- Corrected camera control when in slaved mode

- NADIR, Auxiliaries will display continuously i.e "AUX 1-6". Pressing AUX key again or using the EFF long key press will revert to previous display.

- Weapons training missions changed for Caucasus and Nevada.

- Minigun gunner animation is still WIP and will be corrected

- The Gazelle module goes out of beta state, potential still existing issues will be corrected in time.

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