Polychop Simulations audio production for the BO-105 for DCS

There's not a lot to see here, but rather, to hear. The folks at Polychop Simulations released the audio for their upcoming BO-105 for DCS.

The video released (which you can watch below) doesn't actually show the helicopter but rather demonstrates the different sounds and dynamics, inside DCS.

The "fly-by" sound is very impressive with all the little layers coming to life as the helicopter approaches: the blade slap, the turbine whine and then, as the helicopter "goes away" you are left with the deep, bass sound that is a characteristic of these aircraft.

There's obviously a lot of work and detail behind this project and the sound will certainly add up to the immersion of the sim.

The shutdown sound is very rich in detail and you can actually hear a lot going on with the whole system.

Video: Polychop Simulations audio production for the BO-105 for DCS

Sérgio Costa

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