Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations MD500E for P3D

We all love our sims, and we know the one we use is the best there is. Period.

Some folks have been jumping from sim to sim (guilty as charged), others stick to a single sim or fiddle around with a couple. It really doesn’t matter.

Sims come in all shapes and sizes and P3D is definitely one that has been present for a few years, although it never really gained a lot of traffic in the helicopter world. Nonetheless, there are P3D rotorheads out there, and, fortunately, there are also some good developers out there.

Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations MD500D for P3D

Enter Eagle Rotorcraft Simulations, a one-man show, starring George Arana, a community member that I’ve known for… Dang, I don’t even know when. I e-met George back in the good old HoverControl times. And he was already developing and releasing free goodies for FSX at the time.

The cool thing is that he continues to do so, although he also covers FSX.

George has a long history of generosity, meaning he has done a lot of models for the sims. I’ve reached out to George to try and do a quick overview of what’s coming for P3D (and FSX).

You’ll probably be happy to know George is working on updating his 500C and 500D/E for P3D V4 to V6. But that’s not all he has on his sleeve as the Bell 222 Is also getting some love and will also be updated to P3D V4-6 and FSX. Both will be free, as usual with George.

No, there is no set date of release yet, so make sure to follow the ERS Facebook page.

You can also visit the official Eagle Rotorcraft website and check out everything that was released.