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We’ve all seen the discussions out there on forums or Facebook groups. Everyone says their sim is better than everyone else’s.

“Because you can’t beat these graphics”, “You don’t have tubeliner X on that sim”, “The flight model on your sim sucks” or, my all-time favorite “It’s 64 bits!”.

People gather around sim X or sim Y, share their experiences, ask for help and then, someday (or, sometimes, more than once a day), someone mentions or asks something about sim Z.

Darn, brother… Why did you have to talk about sim Z? Now you’ll have everyone either bashing or praising the thing as if all their experience, time and money spent depends on their sim being better than that one you just mentioned.

Because you know: people do spend time and money on their sims. A lot. And they want to feel like that amount of time and money needs to be validated. They need to feel good about it. No other sim can be better than the one they use. They have spent hours looking for the perfect sim and they have found it.

And now you come and tell them that’s not the truth? Not cool!

Global AI Traffic: US Navy for FSX and P3D

Well, the truth is: that other sim might be better. It might have better graphics – which may be a valid point to some simmers – a better flight model or perhaps that aircraft that you love and no one else has. Perhaps the scenery for your home town. Or all of the above.

Well I have some news for you: the sim you are using right now is not the best. Mine is.

The sim that I use, with the aircraft I use, the scenery I use and all the settings I use is the best sim out there. Because that’s the one that I have fun and feel comfortable with.

FGUK Gazelle for FlightGear

It doesn’t matter how much I spent or how much you spent. I don’t care if you have 1.000 addons and I use only a few, because that really doesn’t matter to me. I have a blast with my sim, not yours -- even if it was developed by the same company.

Folks, the goal for any simmer is to have fun, learn and take the most out of their simming time. Does your sim work for you? Great! Mine does the same too! For me, that is.

Is that other guy talking about this new sim that’s coming out? Instead of bashing the crap out of him and this new sim why don’t you take a look at it and see if it can be something interesting in the future?

Or maybe it comes with something very cool that your sim could adopt as well – it’s time to nag the developers of your sim.

It. Doesn’t. Matter. Really! As long as you are having fun with your sim, that's what's working for you and that's how you roll!

Because, you should all face it: the sim I use is way, WAY better than yours.