ORBX releases Agua Dulce scenery for FSX and P3D

ORBX released their new airport, Agua Dulce, which adds up to their FTX Southern Californa region scenery. The screenshots look absolutely stunning, showing the level of detail and quality ORBX has already got us used to.


Directly from the official website:

Agua Dulce is the first new airport for our FTX Southern California (SCA) region. Although situated just outside of Greater Los Angeles, the location is unlike any other, blending mountainous wilderness with the dry atmosphere of the Mojave Desert. Whichever way you decide to approach, prepare for an incredibly scenic yet challenging experience, and after landing, feel free to park in one of the open hangars whilst you get a snack at the ranch FBO! The airport and surrounding terrain has been re-created in great detail, utilizing super high resolution imagery and mesh for the best terrain definition of the mountains and nearby Vasquez Rocks, and onsite photography to ensure the airport grounds are completely true to life.

  • Over 200km sq of crisp photoreal terrain to expore
  • Advanced AO baking techniques for realistic shadowing
  • Super high resolution mesh for incredible definition of rocks, mountains and terrain!
  • Custom vegetation at airport
  • TextureFlow optimized and includes most Flow technologies
  • Challenging mountainous terrain makes for a very interesting approach
  • Optimized for high performance using similar techniques to KSTS
  • Developed by Misha Cajic


For more information, please visit the official product page.

Where to get Agua Dulce

You can get the Agua Dulce scenery for FSX and Prepar3D by ORBX here.


Agua Dulce scenery for FSX and P3D by ORBX Agua Dulce scenery for FSX and P3D by ORBX Agua Dulce scenery for FSX and P3D by ORBX Agua Dulce scenery for FSX and P3D by ORBX

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Terrain type Desert
Altitude 811m / 2,661ft
Helipads Yes
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