After a few months of extensive work, it’s finally here. The OH-58 Kiowa Warrior replica set from Max Flight Stick is out. According to Max Flight Stick, the kit was developed assistance of an actual Kiowa Test Pilot.

The company is making it available as a stand-alone unit, with an aluminum frame for US$1,998.00, as you can see below.

Max Flight Stick OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Control SetMax Flight Stick OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Control SetMax Flight Stick OH-58 Kiowa Warrior Control Set

You can also get the stand-alone collective for US$898.00 and the stand-alone cyclic for US$698.00. Max Flight Stick also has a stand-alone pedal kit for US$568.

Official features

  • Hall Effect Sensors for all axes
  • 12-bit analog-digital converter for all axes
  • Cyclic features 23 x Configurable Buttons 7 x Push Buttons and 2 x Hat Switches
  • Twist Throttle Collective features 28 x Configurable Buttons:
    • They are 5 x HAT switches (20 Buttons)
    • 3 x Toggle Switches (6 buttons)
    • 2 x Press Button
    • 1 x Mechanical Idle Release Detent Button
  • 5 x Configurable axes
  • Included MFS Dampers which replicate hydraulic control feel feedback on all axes
  • Realistic Cyclic, Tail Rotor Pedals, Collective, and Throttle travel distances
  • User Adjustable Aluminum Main Frame for the perfect custom fit
  • Fully Adjustable positions for Cyclic, Rudder, and Twist Grip Throttle Collective
  • High-Resolution Movements
  • Easy Setup
  • Multiple Mounting Options
  • Plug and Play with supplied 2 x USB Cable Connections

You can get the Max Flight Stick OH-58 Kiowa Warrior controls at Helicopters Only.