This survey is being made through as per a request made by a hardware manufacturer that prefers to remain anonymous at this time. And it will only take you thirty seconds to fill (ironically, less than it will take you to read this introduction).

The goal of this survey is to gather information that may help this manufacturer selecting their next course of action and a possible new product line specially aimed at the helicopter flight simulation community.

Please be honest and sincere. Of course, we would all required the best products at the lowest price possible but keep this in mind: if we ask for impossible or unfeasible products, we may risk not getting anything at all. Developers and manufacturers are not building products to lose money. If they realize people are not willing to pay a fair price for a product, they may quit on developing them at all.

Our community is very united and mature so we expect this to be a very valuable survey that may help us have access to great products in the future.

Click here to access the survey. Please note that it will only be available until May 26th.

Thank you very much for your help.