UH-1H Huey for DCS

Low Level Heaven’s squadron, Black Angels, is a fun and demanding bunch that take their DCS missions seriously.

The team has developed their own training program and, eventually, came out with a test system, which is split in 3 sections:

1. The Airman

This should correspond “approximately to the pre-solo endorsement in its requirements”.

What this means is that the pilot should be able to fly the helicopter without assistance within certain specified parameters and perform basic maneuvers safely, such as takeoffs, landing, turns and altitude changes.

2. The Airman First Class

This should be somewhat similar to the cross-country endorsement, which means the virtual pilot should be able to build on top of the previous tier and be able to perform VFR navigation using the map, a compass and ADF, as well as by using the terrain layout.

3. The Senior Airman

Finally, and still building on top of the previous 2 tiers, Low Level Heave says the Senior Airman corresponds approximately to a private pilot license.

To be able to test with the Black Angels – and eventually do your exams with them – you can reach out to the team via Discord. The only actual requirement is that you have the DCS World Beta, the UH-1 Huey and TeamSpeak.