Komodo Simulations to reopen its virtual doors

The British manufacturer of high-quality controls for helicopter flight simulation, Komodo Simulations, are back in business and will open their new website this Thursday.

Komodo Simulations Cyclics

A few months ago, Komodo was forced to bring their website down due to the amount of orders and some other issues that forced them to hold back and regroup.

Having recovered from what seemed to be some nasty times, Richard Price and his team is now back on track with a "new store that aims to improve the customer experience when buying from Komodo Simulations Ltd.".

As one of the issues Komodo had was specifically about their stock and the slow fulfillment of orders, we asked Richard what was that they were planning on doing to prevent these issues – as it was clear to us that they are trying to prevent it from happening again. According to him, Komodo is now “holding stock of our products and will only sell something that is in stock. This allows us to ship within days of an order being placed, instead of the 6 months that we previously had”.

Komodo Simulations Kit

These are great news for those that have been wanting to get their hands on Komodo Simulations products.

For further information, you can visit the Komodo Simulations website, which should be 100% online and functional, this Thursday, April the 19th (right now you will only see a placeholder there).

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