FSX/P3D Bell 429

In a post on his Facebook page, George makes a plea to the community in order for him to be able to deliver this model:

Ok folks. The Bell 429 GlobalRanger FSX/P3D edition is long overdue and I am about ready to get this one done and released, so help me help you. Sergio Kauffman did a wonderful job with this helicopter, this being his very first ever model for flight simulator....but he managed to get every single configuration he built into one source making it impossible to sort out what variant is what. So...I am looking for at least 1-2 volunteers to get this bird finished and released. What I need is shots of every version that Sergio built (VIP, HEMS, law enforcement, etc), I need to know what parts goes to which variant so I can compile the correct models. At the same time, the volunteers that does assist me with this will be my beta testers. Requirements for this are FSXA, FSX:SE or P3D (any version). Let's get the ball rolling and release this bird to our FSX/P3D pilots that have been waiting almost 3 years for this bird. PM if interested and are willing to helping finish this.

If you are interested and can help, please contact George on Facebook. This would be an amazing way for you to help give something back to the community!