HeliSimmer.com / Pro Flight Trainer - Puma X discount

Microsoft Flight Simulator is turning 40 next month! Crazy, right?

This makes it the oldest Microsoft franchise! Older than Microsoft Windows or even Office!

Microsoft is partying hard with the 40th-anniversary edition coming out and Pro Flight Trainer decided to join the party as well!

PFT partnered up with us to offer you a discount when getting your Pro Flight Trainer Puma X! Oh and yes! The Pro Flight Trainer Puma X is compatible with MSFS. In fact, the team uses one for the development of helicopters!

If you take a look at the Pro Flight Trainer Puma X purchase page, you’ll notice you can add a couple of options to your unit. You can get the dual-engine version (with 2 throttles) but you can also add toe brakes.

Each of these will cost you extra, of course. Either of these options will increase the price by $99. So, if you want to get the dual-throttles, you’ll have to pay $99 on top of the unit’s price and if you want to get the toe brakes, that’s another $99.

So, for a lot of folks out there eventually need to choose between both and that’s a tough choice. It would be nice if you didn’t have to choose and you could get the full kit with both options, right?

Well, now you can. For a limited amount of time.

Starting today (October 28, 2022) and until November 25, 2022, you can get one of those options for free.

Whenever you add either the dual-throttles or the toe-brakes option to your shopping cart, you will get a $99 discount out of the total. This is the only way to get the discount. You will have to add, at least one of these items.

Of course, if you add both, the discount will not double. You will only get the $99 discount. But this means that you will be getting one of those options for free.

What do you need to do? You just need to add our special promotional code! Enter HELISIMMER-MSFS40 on the coupon field and hit ‘Apply coupon’ to get it to work.

Check out my quick overview of the Pro Flight Trainer Puma X2 and head out to the PFT official website to take advantage of this offer!