When we embark in projects such as HeliSimmer.com, we do it out of love. That’s how I got to do it and that’s what still drives me.

Being a project that caters a small niche, the income is low. The absolutely amazing support from our patrons is fantastic and what helps us do a lot but, very often, it’s great to have more support.

For this year’s event, I was invited to do two presentations instead of one like last year. On Saturday I will be talking about helicopter flight simulation and, on Sunday, about Virtual Reality, or VR.

You can see the full schedule here.

I would like to thank Ryan Aerospace for the sponsorship and helping cover a huge chunk of the expenses as the company is offering the plane ticket. This makes it easier for me to be present as, even with the support of the community, I usually need to put some money from pocket – which is the same as saying that I am taking it from my family budget.

It’s a great gesture of support, trust and friendship from Ryan Aerospace. Thank you so much.

If you don’t know the company, yet, check it out. They have some amazing products for professionals and, among many other fantastic things they are doing, they were recently awarded a contract to supply the US Army. Top notch!

Ryan Aerospace Helimode Mark III