The video is quite interesting as is the intro briefing (see below). I personally enjoy seeing non-military missions being designed for DCS.

Good morning gentlemen,

we are on SAR duty for Dubai today. As always we have a high number of tourists and with them, we get an increased number of heat strokes, strokes, swimming accidents and cardiac arrests. So expect to be busy during our shift.

Get ready, take off and fly to the general hospital.
316° 1,5nm
There is a windsock on their roof helipad and the medics will board with their equipment as soon as you touch down.
Report to dispatch once you are ready (F10). Dispatch will assign you an incident. A marker will also be placed on your map to aid navigation.
Once you approach the location the emergency services will pop smoke to aid your landing.
After you land close to the smoke they will load the patient. Listen to your crew chief he will advise you once they are done.
After you made pick up return to the hospital helipad.

Refuel at the airport if necessary and contact dispatch (F10) once you are ready for your next assignment. It might be necessary to contact dispatch several times for a response once the mission progresses and they get busier.

The medics on board weigh in at about 300kg with their equipment. You will usually be carrying one patient at any one time so just in case do your calculations with an additional 500kg. Especially with the heat around here, the Huey will feel heavy

METAR OMDB 010800E 32001KT 6000 35/12 Q1009 NOSIG