FlyInside Bell 47 for Microsoft Flight Simulator - Official Marketplace

Microsoft Flight Simulator does not have helicopters. We will only get them, officially, at Q4, 2022 but, of course, the community took its course, as usual, and we can enjoy a few of them already – and some are free too!

Which makes this news even more fantastic. Not only we DO get some helicopters in Microsoft Flight Simulator, we now have the first helicopter ever in the official marketplace. FlyInside, the company behind the first payware helicopter for the sim – the Bell 47 – made it happen.

To get the FlyInside Bell 47, open up Microsoft Flight Simulator, head out to the Marketplace and just buy it from there.

If you are not sure about the helicopter, we did a preview of the stand-alone version which is pretty much the same you’ll be getting from the marketplace, except it needs the external application. But the features and flight dynamics are the same. Read it here.