FGUK Gazelle for FlightGear

You can check out the changelog here and the link to download it at the end of this news:

  • Compositor lighting.
  • Slight changes to the fuselage shader effects.
  • FDM tweaked and  stick  + pedal  responses and  hover positions now based on  test data.
  • New generation AP + custom AP GUI. Note – only use   between 60-130kts. Speed is manually controlled.
  • Landing light can now be pitched up/down  using the  q + z  keys.
  • Changes to cockpit textures on  both versions – The Westland has canvas seats and the instrument binical is more worn looking. The French one retains the leather seats and has more  newer less worn instrument binical. Both  have soundproofing on the  rear cabin bulkhead.

FGUK Gazelle for FlightGearFGUK Gazelle for FlightGear