DCS AH-64D Apache

If you follow Eagle Dynamics and DCS, you may have noticed a trend. In several of their videos, ED hints at aircraft that they are working on but have not been officially announced or publicly shown yet. The F-16 was one of these aircraft, for example.

And now, so is the AH-64 Apache.

In their latest video, where ED talks about the future of DCS (DCS World | 2021 and beyond), the company shows the Apache at the end of the video, just like they did before with the beforementioned F-16.

DCS AH-64D Apache

While it’s not exactly new that ED may have/has been working on this helicopter, this is the first glimpse we have of the model. ED didn’t say anything else about it, though but there’s something very curious: it’s a D model, which is a pretty classified version. It will be interesting to see what ED will do.

And how the AH-64 will interact with the, also upcoming, OH-58 Kiowa!

Watch the video below. You will find the glimpse of the AH-46D Apache at 05:53.