Eagle Dynamics releases new screenshots and development report on the Mi-24 for DCS

Apr 24, 2020 | by Sérgio Costa

In the spirit of the “free month” for most modules in DCS, Eagle Dynamics is raising awareness to their helicopters and released a sitrep on the attack helicopter.

In today’s newsletter Eagle Dynamics tried to bring more attention to their helicopters, which everyone can try for free during this month, but also buy them at a lower price.

Not only that, they have also provided some information of the current state of the Mi-24:

External model and cockpit texturing

The detail in all respects of the external model is coming along very well.

Aft crew station

Cockpit instrument panels and other control systems animation are being programmed.

Mapping Display

The feature set is in the final stages of the definition.

Flight Model

Good progress is being made. Once the final touches have been delivered on the DCS: P-47 Thunderbolt Early Access, the full focus will go onto the Mi-24P.

Additionally, ED presented us with 3 new screenshots of this heavy lady.

Mi-24 Hind for DCS Mi-24 Hind for DCS Mi-24 Hind for DCS

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