It’s been a while since we last heard of DreamFoil Creations. In fact, the last time we heard anything about the team was over a year ago when updates for X-Plane 12 were confirmed.

Since then, unfortunately, we’ve had silence. But now, DreamFoil has broken radio silence and is showing progress on the S300CBi.

On a video shared at the .org forums (which you can also watch below), Fred, the man behind DreamFoil Creations’ helicopters, is showing the work done on the 3D yaw string.

Fred has also posted talking a bit about the progress of the project, indicating that “most of it [is] done by now”. He has “successfully ported sounds from DreamEngine to FMOD with some good enhancements, textures for interior have been improved, 3d body mesh has also received some smoothing”. Additionally, he has done “a LOT of changes” to the plugins and pretty much porting all the code.

He continues by providing a bit more of detail regarding code porting and finishes by saying that he still has “some problems to deal with and some touches here and there” but he is “quite satisfied with [the] current version”. The internal testing phase should start within “a week or two and then if everything is fine release it”.

Good news for the X-Plane users, the DreamFoil Creations customers and the S300 fans!