To do so, we have created a survey with a few questions that will provide us a better insight of our community. "What's in it for you", you might think? Well, for starters, by knowing our community a little better, we can do a better job and try to provide the community with better resources and articles.

We have also contacted and listened to simulation developers (such as Eagle Dynamics, Dovetail Games and others) and added some questions that themselves would like to know the answers from the community.

The survey is 100% anonymous but all the data we retrieve will be publicly available, meaning we can all access and benefit from it. Companies will be able to retrieve and use the information.

Therefore we urge you to spend 5 minutes answering to a few questions and also to share this survey with your friends. Getting more data will allow us to know ourselves a little better as a community.

You can find the survey here:

Thank you for participating. Please spread the word.