Destroyer121 UH-60 for MSFS

The news came from the official Discord Server and it mentions the progress the team has done, as well as the variants that are being released.

One of the things that seemed to have gotten Destroyer121 excited was the “realistic displays” which the team managed to develop with the help of “many amazing pilots”. These desployes have been extensively tested in the sim and highly optimized to a point where the team claims to be noticing “negligible FPS impact”.

Destroyer121 UH-60 for MSFS

An HMD, which follows the user’s head movement is also present. At this time it is unclear if it will work in VR, but I am trying to find more about that.

Destroyer121 UH-60 for MSFS - HMD

The 3D model was also reworked, and we are getting some nice variants, which include the HH60M with a FLIR system, HH60W CSAR variant and the team started working on an MH60M DAP but that should not come out with this release.

Destroyer121 UH-60 for MSFSDestroyer121 UH-60 for MSFS

The team is now on the final testing phase, which means a release should probably not be that far. Meanwhile, you can get the latest development build, which is available on their Discord Server, on the #dev-builds channel (I’m sorry but we can’t share the direct link here).