Arma Reforger - Helicopters

I guess ARMA could be considered a bit of an exception here on the website since it’s not a full-blown flight simulator. But we have always covered it because it does have helicopters and it’s quite remarkable since you can be inside an environment, with other players on sea, air, and land, performing highly complex operations.

Unfortunately, Bohemia Interactive, the company behind ARMA, still doesn’t seem to have a plan to make the air side of things more complex, but it is still a lot of fun.

ARMA’s latest version, called Arma Rerforger has been out there for quite some time as Early Access, but without helicopters.

Arma Reforger - Helicopters

Version 1 is now out, and it does bring helicopters now! In fact, it comes with a whole bunch of cool stuff. Crossplay between Xbox and PC, a couple of islands and helicopters!

Arma Reforger now comes with both the Mil Mi-8 and the UH-1H Huey. It also comes with what Bohemia Interactive (BI) calls “standard flight model” (perhaps an “advanced” one will come out as well). BI also redesigned the Conflict mode “to center the action on a new and improved supply-based system”. This push back your enemy is no longer enough. You’ll also have to secure and distribute supplies ”just as they are in real-world operations”.

Pretty cool!

Arma Reforger - Helicopters

Bohemia Interactive has released a roadmap and you can also check out the changelog, which includes everything that was added or changed for version 1.0.