HeliSimmer.com 6th-anniversary giveaway

And what a giveaway we have! 8 amazing friends have partnered with us to bring 23 (yes, twenty-three!) prizes for several platforms: Aerofly FS2, FSX/P3D, Microsoft Flight Simulator, and X-Plane!

We definitely have to thank them all for their kindness, generosity, and support:

  • Cowan Simulation
  • FlyInside
  • Hype Performance Group
  • Orbx
  • JRX Design
  • Nemeth Designs
  • X-Rotors
  • X-Trident

Instead of giving a huge price to someone or a big prize to only a few, we want to maximize the happiness of getting something nice for your sim of choice.

You can see the full list of prizes below but let me tell you some important stuff first. Not that prizes are not important, right?

  • All the rules and the registration form can be found here. You will need to register to be eligible.
  • We are giving 23 prizes to 23 individuals (1 per individual). If you win a prize, you will be removed from the following lists. Yes, we will be doing 23 draws! The rules explain everything.
  • You need to register between January 17th, 2022, and January 24th, 2022 at 23:59:59 UTC. That’s 11:59:59PM for those that don’t use the 24-hour format. Again, check the rules.

Good luck to everyone!

List of prizes

Aerofly FS2


Microsoft Flight Simulator

X-Plane 11