Why would you want to do this?

Well, perhaps you are not aware of this but if you create shortcuts to folders containing scenery, instead of actually copying the folders

with all the files into the Custom Scenery folder, X-Plane still recognizes and uses the scenery.

This means that you are not forced to have all your scenery in the same disk (SSD/HDD) that X-Plane. In fact you could have 10 SDD/HDD filled

with scenery and just use the shortcuts in the X-Plane disk. Shortcut files are very, very small (only a few KB each) so you can, indeed,

save a lot of space and spread your scenery along several disks.



  • Initial release;


I'd like to thank Bel Geode for letting me know about the shortcut trick. This has been immensely convenient for me. Thank you, bro.

And, of course, the amazing community at HeliSimmer.com and our Facebook Group. Come join us!