Mobile Helipad - HeliSimmer Edition

Looking for a cool and easy way to move your helicopter around? Check this out!

This plugin provides a selection of self propelled helipads for X-Plane 11 which are based on the real world Heliwagon brand.

A pad can be placed in the environment without the need to use WED or Overlay Editor. As well as providing an additional landing challenge the pads also serve as an easy method to move your skid equipped helicopter around the apron of your favourite airport or scenery. The engines must be shut down to enable movement of the pad with a helicopter on board.

This is a special version developed by Fergus Moloney and Christoph Tantow, members of our community, that decided to release an edition with the logo. How cool is that?

Thank you Fergus and Christoph. You rock!

Mobile Helipad - HeliSimmer Edition Mobile Helipad - HeliSimmer Edition

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Fergus Moloney and Christoph Tantow

About Fergus Moloney and Christoph Tantow

About Fergus Moloney

Fergus has been an aviation enthusiast since early childhood. He trained on fixed wing as a teenager but could never justify the cost to pursue a PPL(H). His day job provides the opportunity to do aerial photography work from helicopters which is a very enjoyable perk. He has been interested in flight simulation in general since Microsoft Flight Simulator 98. This is where he discovered Hovercontrol and was bitten by the helicopter bug. He later moved over to X-Plane 9. The advent of VR brought renewed interest and focus on the hobby and he became a very early adopter. He's been exclusively using VR in X-Plane through various methods and headsets since 2013 and adopted the forum name RiftFlyer. The development bug began when he worked on the community revamp of the freeware Hughes 500D. This was followed with an Avitab and GTN750 integration for the Rotorsim EC135 and more recently the Mobile Helipad plugin.

About Christoph Tantow:

Christoph Tantow is a passionate flightsimer since the time of FS2002.
Since 2013 he has created more than 100 repaints for all kind of airplanes and helicopters, for both freeware- and payware-products.
Besides publishing free liveries for the flightsim-community he is working in collaboration with several well-known developers and publishers on everything related to texture- and model-creation.

For further information you can find him on Facebook.

Find all his liveries here: X-Plane and FSX/P3D.


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