Helicopter Callouts for P3D

This is a callout gauge for helicopters in P3D v4 (64bit). As the name suggests it gives a height callout starting at 100ft and then at 50ft, 40ft, 30ft, 20ft and 10ft.

I should work whether they be default or add-ons. It will not work in any other flightsim version other than P3D v4.

I have been looking for a helo callout for some time but couldn't find one.

This is not all my own work, l have just modified existing programs and put them together. Thanks to Stefan Liebe, Jimmy Foong and Bry Hardee whose 2011,727 callout add-on formed the basis for this program and to Doug Dawson for his dsd_p3d_xml_sound_x64.dll gauge.

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